Allegro.pas - Downloads

Here you can download the latest stable releases of Allegro.pas and documentation.

Instructions on how to install or build Allegro.pas for each of the supported platforms are included in the packages, either in the README files, or in the docs/ directory.

You can find more versions and more formats (zip, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2) in the SourceForge's downloading page.  Also you can find WIP versions in the SVN repository.

Latest version

These are the packages for the latest version. They work on GNU/Linux and Windows. It would work also on other systems with few modifications. You need only one of the next files.

Note: Delphi users must use the old 4.2.x files because latest ones aren't compatible. Compatibility with Delphi should be restored in version 5.2.

Filename Size Description 1.4 MiB Compiled demo game for Windows 32bit 1.2 MiB Latest Work In Porgress version 3.7 MiB Source code, alleg44.dll file and compiled tools for windows. Not Delphi
allegro.pas-4.4.5-1-src-pas.tar.gz 3.0 MiB Source code for all platforms. tar/gz package. Not Delphi
allegro.pas-4.4.5-1-src-pas.7z 2.3 MB Source code for all platforms. 7z package. Not Delphi 3.0 MiB Source code for all platforms. ZIP package. Not Delphi

Latest documentation

It's possible to build the documentation from sources using the pasdoc tool. By the way, some times the documentation should be updated. Here you have the latest documentation (it's the same than the on-line documentation).

Filename Size Description 342.6 KiB Documentation for 5.2 in HTML format. Zip package.
allegro-pas-4.4.5-1-160720-docs-html.7z 235.3 KiB Documentation in HTML format. 7z package.
allegro-pas-4.4.5-1-160720-docs-html.tar.gz 453.7 KiB Documentation in HTML format. tar/gz package. 503.2 KiB Documentation in HTML format.  Zip package.
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