Recent posts to news posts to newsenTue, 20 Dec 2016 12:01:24 -0000Updated on-line documentation<div class="markdown_content"><p>That's it. I've updated the on-line documentation with the current svn-TRUNK one, wich is much better than the one included in the last package. It now includes much more information, some fixes and a search engine.</p> <p>You can't download it at the moment but you can read it <a class="" href="">here</a>.</p></div>Guillermo Martínez JiménezTue, 20 Dec 2016 12:01:24 -0000https://sourceforge.netad5e99e1b83b1bf7c8e6b2b58e639c9ef982de44Allegro.pas tutorials<div class="markdown_content"><p>As some people has asked for, I've started with Allegro.pas tutorials in the Lazarus/Free Pascal wiki.</p> <p>Some body asked me for Spanish tutorials, and also it's more easy for me to do it in Spanish, so I'll write them initially in that language. I plan to translate them to English ASAP, but if some body can do it for me it would help a lot. ;)</p> <p>Any comment and suggestion are welcomed.</p> <p><a class="" href="" rel="nofollow">Link to the first tutorial (Spanish)</a></p></div>Guillermo Martínez JiménezTue, 22 Nov 2016 13:44:39 -0000https://sourceforge.net5b21a27bf83bfb962e00e9be0cb483b2f4b55b82Fix version 4.4.5-1<div class="markdown_content"><p>Thanks to a note at the Discussion forums, I did some fixes and updates to version 4.4.5. They're a few, and mostly on the alwin unit. Actually I'm not sure that it works perfectly, but it compiles.</p> <p>I've also updated the documentation, adding a search engine (actually just added an option to pasdoc). You can read it online or download as you wish.</p> <p>As always, you can download from the <a class="" href="">download page</a>.</p></div>Guillermo Martínez JiménezWed, 20 Jul 2016 11:28:53 -0000https://sourceforge.net969ff848f3552ee898e6bd282439e812793eafbdAllegro.pas 5.2.alpha released!<div class="markdown_content"><p>About 3 years after 5.0.alpha, a new release of branch 5 (now TRUNK) was released today. It has a lot of improvements, and should be slightly more stable than previous alpha. You can download it from <a class="" href="">here</a>. Any feed back is welcome.</p> <p>I'll use it in the comming <a class="" href="" rel="nofollow">TINS 2016</a> contest, and I plan to use my entry as demonstration game for the library.</p></div>Guillermo Martínez JiménezTue, 10 May 2016 18:18:30 -0000https://sourceforge.net9288c417d68bae176e8c7a5fdbc1435f439f8b9aAllegro 5.2.0 released<div class="markdown_content"><p>Yesterday, <a class="" href="[" rel="nofollow">Allegro 5.2.0 was released</a>. I tested it and it's quite nice. It fixes suff from 5.0 and adds new things, like the new 3D API that avoids the need of OpenGL or DirectX. It is much like the 3D routines used in pre-5 versions but using hardware acceleration.</p> <p>So, Allegro.pas TRUNK will drop 5.0 support and go to the 5.2. Actually I want to release a new beta before <a class="" href="" rel="nofollow">TINS 2006</a>, announced by Amarillion few days ago. This is, before Friday May 13.</p></div>Guillermo Martínez JiménezSat, 02 Apr 2016 11:39:53 -0000https://sourceforge.netf7a845efaaa338eb01a7f99c921308f94e67cf56Free Pascal 3 and a possible new demonstration game<div class="markdown_content"><p>Few time ago, Free Pascal version 3 was released. Sometime later, Lazarus 1.6 was released. I didn't test them 'till today, and I found a few issues. They're not major issues, just some warnings here and there. So I did a few changes and uploaded to the SVN.</p> <p>On the other hand, I was thinking about what demonstration game to ship with Allegro.pas 5 branch. I was thinking in an old idea: first person snowball battle. So may be I'll create a prototype using version 4.4 then port it to version 5.0 (or may be 5.1).</p></div>Guillermo Martínez JiménezThu, 25 Feb 2016 16:58:37 -0000https://sourceforge.neta6ee6dd02fcdfcdcf03ded5db03a6601f794e8e2To GIT or not to GIT<div class="markdown_content"><p><strong>Note:</strong> This was published in other of my current projects: <a class="" href="">Gesbit</a>.</p> <p>Some days ago, <a class="" href="">Leo has posted a comment</a> asking why does Gesbit stay in SourceForge. I ansered that I know that GitHub is the trend and SourceForge have a bad reputation, but I prefer SVN over GIT and SourceForge did work for many years.</p> <p>Later I found that <a class="" href="">new owners of SourceForge posted an article</a> in his blog on day before Leo posted his comment. You can read it, but they recognize SourceForge's bad reputation proble, and talks about planning how to fix it. And they started by terminating the DevShare program, which was one of the main sources of that bad reputation. They also promised that there will be more changes in the future.</p> <p>That's mean that I'll keep <a class="" href="">my SourceForge projects</a> here for a while.</p></div>Guillermo Martínez JiménezFri, 19 Feb 2016 13:09:19 -0000https://sourceforge.net917ea8db48307cbb38978870ffb6d80eee5c156dVersion 5 becames TRUNK<div class="markdown_content"><p>As I said in <a class="" href="">previous news</a>, I've moved the TRUNK to BRANCHES/4.4, then moved BRANCHES/5.0 to TRUNK. So <strong>now TRUNK is version 5</strong>, and a new beta should be released next year.</p> <p>This doesn't mean that development of version 4 is finished. <strong>I'll update version 4 if necessary</strong>, fixing bugs and adding stuff if I find it useful. Also, if somebody send me patches, fixes and addons, and they fit the project, I'll add them too.</p></div>Guillermo Martínez JiménezSat, 19 Dec 2015 13:31:43 -0000https://sourceforge.net6bd97884157be7a846263ea7d6d0d6c3d885347bVersion 4.4.5 reseased<div class="markdown_content"><p>I've finally uploaded stable Allegro.pas 4.4.5 version. It is a major update<br/> of the library, but the first two version numbers are keept to be coherent with<br/> original Allegro Game Library.</p> <p>This version has some API modifications, as well as a lot of improvements that<br/> makes it faster (and sometimes smaller) executables. Most important changes<br/> from version 4.4.4 below:</p> <ul> <li>New functions and procedures that detects system stuff at runtime, an<br/> new units for Windows and UNIX specifics.</li> <li>New BOOLEAN type that allows better integration with library.</li> <li>Use of ARRAYs and VAR/OUT on parameters, that allows to reduce executable<br/> sizes and faster execution, and a side effect is reduction of HINT and<br/> WARNING lines while compilation!</li> <li>Several bug fixes in demo game, al_apply_matrix_f and al_pack_fseek<br/> functions and in examples.</li> <li>A lot of changes on documentation.</li> </ul> <p>Also note that in near future I'll move TRUNK to BRANCHES/4.4, and BRANCHES/5.0<br/> to TRUNK. This doesn't mean that I'll forget version 4.4: I'll update it if I<br/> find bugs or somebody sends me interesting patches or additions, but it's time<br/> to take version 5.0 seriously.</p> <p>Enjoy!</p></div>Guillermo Martínez JiménezTue, 03 Nov 2015 10:30:00 -0000https://sourceforge.net30fe41b57ea904e9bd09c1c8c12d31f0f3fd73afOn-line documentatnion on-line again<div class="markdown_content"><p>I was working on next release (yay!) when I found a big stupid mistake: on-line documentation wasn't available! So this is fixed again, both versions 4.4.4 and 5.0.alpha1.</p> <p>And yes, I want to upload new release 4.4.5 as soon as possible. It taked too long because alwas I have something to do. I'll try to release new versions in less time (may be tagging them with beta, RS and so) in the future.</p> <p>Also I was tempted to remake the website, but I think I'll wait until version 5.0.beta is ready.</p> <p>You see, we're still alive!</p></div>Guillermo Martínez JiménezMon, 02 Nov 2015 12:45:24 -0000https://sourceforge.net433c5d8b973ee8f9713c4f2abce83b27d07b6e65