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Allegro.pas is a wrapper to allow Pascal language to use the Allegro game programming library to create your own games in good old Pascal or the modern Object Pascal programming languages.  Read more details on the introductory page.


Last modified: 13/01/2015 01:01

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Still working

(13/01/2015 01:01)

I know, not news, no releases... But I'm working on it.

I was working in a new GUI system, using Object Pascal classes. Currently it's an add-on but I think it should replace the current ugly GUI system.

Also I'm aware of some bugs and new stuff and improvements.

I have not a release date, but I hope it will be in few months.


New member in team

(15/09/2014 05:09)

A new member joins to the Allegro.pas developer team. Gregor A. Cieslak, who yet created a fork to add Delphi support to Allegro.pas 5. You may remember him from previous messages. He will be responsible of main development of version 5, while I'll be responsible of maintain version 4.4 and (of course) help him with version 5.

Also, I've updated both Feature Requests and Bugs. We'll try to keep it up to date, so you'll have a way to see what's moving in the project.

Working on version 5.alpha2

(17/06/2014 05:06)

That's it. I'm working on next version of Allegro.pas.

This new version should be Delphi compatible (Delphi 6 and up or so) thanks the help of Gregor A. Cieslak who did a fork that I'm now trying to merge with the new one. You can download and test his work at .

The new version will have more examples too and some bugfixes (I hopw).

It has no ETA. At the moment you can get the updates from SVN (

Amazing Tetris

(22/07/2013 09:07)

Lars Sonnen, Matthias Müller, Michael Willems and Markus Wall have published a new Tetris clone named Amazing Tetris. Of course, it uses Allegro.pas. They created it as a Computer Science project for school, and they helped testing and providing the OGG/Vorbis loader for Allegro.pas that I added as an add-on to the library.

You can download the game from RPGHacker's web site. I'ts compiled for Windows, but I've tested it on Linux using WineHQ and it does work (with a small glitch).

Version 5.0 Alpha 1 released

(24/04/2013 07:04)

I didn't work on the project lately, but I decided to release an Alpha version (pre-beta) because it's pretty stable. I've tested in several systems (Xubuntu 32 bit, Fedora 64bit and Windows XP 32 bit) and it works... almost. It doesn't include full documentation, and it may not work properly with your system, but it has the new Allegro API and has OpenGL support and other new features.

The download link:

See that I've changed the way I'll release the packages. Now I'll create a new folder for each version, instead to use the old way separating sources and binaries.

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